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So often, a visit to a bookshop has cheered me and reminded me that there are good things in the world.
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Recently I read a post by someone who claimed to be interested in fighting for equality, but then stated that she wished we would just hurry up and start treating black people the way whites are treated in our society. Obviously that’s an admirable wish- but I’m not so sure it’s as realistic as it…

The depth of isolation in the ghetto is also evident in black speech patterns, which have evolved steadily away from Standard American English. Because of their intense social isolation, many ghetto residents have come to speak a language that is increasingly remote from that spoken by American whites. Black street speech, or more formally, Black English Vernacular, has its roots in the West Indian creole and Scots-Irish dialects of the eighteenth century. As linguists have shown, it is by no means a “degenerate,” or “illogical” version of Standard American English; rather, it constitutes a complex, rich, and expressive language in its own right, with a consistent grammar, pronunciation, and lexicon all its own.

Douglas Massey and Nancy A. Denton, Chapter 6: “The Perpetuation of the Underclass,” p. 162 (American apartheid: segregation and the making of the underclass)

As linguists have shown, it is by no means a “degenerate,” or “illogical” version of Standard American English; rather, it constitutes a complex, rich, and expressive language in its own right, with a consistent grammar, pronunciation, and lexicon all its own.

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South Carolina Mother Jailed Because She Let Her 9-Year-Old Daughter Play in the Park Unsupervised

Here are the facts: Debra Harrell works at McDonald’s in North Augusta, South Carolina. For most of the summer, her daughter had stayed there with her, playing on a laptop that Harrell had scrounged up the money to purchase. (McDonald’s has free WiFi.) Sadly, the Harrell home was robbed and the laptop stolen, so the girl asked her mother if she could be dropped off at the park to play instead.

Harrell said yes. She gave her daughter a cell phone. The girl went to the park—a place so popular that at any given time there are about 40 kids frolicking—two days in a row. There were swings, a “splash pad,” and shade. On her third day at the park, an adult asked the girl where her mother was. At work, the daughter replied.

The shocked adult called the cops. Authorities declared the girl “abandoned” and proceeded to arrest the mother.

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The war on working class Black women in the U.S. continues apace. This time, a mother of a 9-year old child is arrested and jailed for the “crime” of dropping her daughter off at the park to play with other children while she had to go to work at a minimum wage job at McDonald’s (which fittingly happens to be located inside a WalMart).

Now the woman’s poor child is in the hands of the South Carolina state authorities [a state which STILL proudly flies the Confederate Flag at its Capitol building].

The irony is that the justification employed by state officials is that the mother put the child at risk by leaving her in the park where some random strangers might have just come along and kidnapped her child. As it turns out, that is exactly what happened, but the kidnappers were the police! They came along and snatched this woman’s child and now she risks losing her daughter forever!

Gonna say this: My parents (esp. my dad) have told stories about how they played when he was in elementary school (ages 5 - 13): outside in the park or wandering the streets with NO PARENTAL SUPERVISION!

Children just met up with neighborhood kids or other children and: played soccer, climbed buildings (no ropes), played in transport trucks or rail cars, swam in the nearby river, wandered around stores, etc. This was summer to my dad (the oldest of 3 siblings) and his friends.

My mom (one of the youngest of many older siblings) all spent her childhood summers at the family farm where my grandfather was a cattle farmer. Mom and her siblings would often just wander the country roads and check out what passed as towns north of the city.

In both cases my grandparents were busy working (in or out of the house). In my dad’s case, especially, my grandma was a single parent and left dad to ensure his younger brothers were ready for school while she went out to various minimum-wage jobs she worked to put food on the table.

My point is - in the last 50 years - children aren’t allowed to be children anymore. Especially in this case, a young child has a phone to call for help and yet her mother is considered an unfit parent and jailed?! o.O

This is disgusting! >:(  If a child is in danger or honestly neglected is one thing; but some people need to mind their own damn business!

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A good head and good heart are always a formidable combination. But when you add to that a literate tongue or pen, then you have something very special.
Nelson Mandela (via mychocolatecity)

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
why is it okay for a black person to call another black person a nigger but when a white person does it, it's racist?
notsocolourblind notsocolourblind Said:


why is it that when rich white people invaded North America and killed millions of Native Americans they were called “settlers” but when poor Black and Brown people cross the border they’re called “illegals”?

why is it that when rich white people kidnapped sold and enslaved millions of Black people it was called a “trade”, but when poor Black and Brown people steal products it’s called “theft”?



(This was written by a friend who wishes to remain anonymous. Passing it on as it’s a very useful set of tips)

I have seen a lot of people in my life, myself included, going through hard times right now with the extreme escalation of…

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to be white in the United States says nothing directly about an individual’s culture, ethnic heritage, or biological background. A society created to preserve “white culture” would be either very confused or tremendously disappointed. White culture does not exist. White power, privileges and prerogatives within capitalist society do exist.
(Marable, 1998, p. 153)

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